A collection of the finest men's footwear, accessories, and lifestyle goods the world has to offer. Enjoy! And get your stars up!

Hudson Made is an online retailer selling highly curated artisanal products from the Hudson Valley, North Country and Brooklyn in small batches, limited quantities and are 100% American made. The Hudson Made packaging references a time in history when every item was individually boxed and packed by hand upon production. Hand wrapped and string tied with a lead seal, each soap is securely protected and unique. The incorporation of traditional printing and letterpress typography on sustainable paper creates a valued product presentation.

The Hudson Made Worker’s Soap is for the man (or woman) who understands that being good with your hands means being good to your hands. And it’s not just a hand soap, it’s also great for exfoliating those tough spots like elbows and feet. The Worker’s Soap uses natural pumice and organic oils to exfoliate, cleanse and moisturize, is handcrafted in the Western Adirondacks and bears a hardy & strapping scent of cedar wood, patchouli and tobacco. Check out the Worker’s Soap along with many other incredible Hudson Made products at

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